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Bye, bye Norton?
The tax man cometh....

Well, the administrators are in there so it don't look good.

They've had some massive investments, a lot of deposits and still they've messed it up, very poor.

I predict Zongshen will buy it, they are already partners in the 650 engine and have bikes about to be released.

I hope those punters who've paid deposits get something back  Dodgy
I am Spartacus 
How much is the tax man after?
Very shoddy. The brand has gone from strength to strength. Proper piss poor management that. One of the big corporates will get it and ruin the brand. Disgusting!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
This is an interesting read:

Quite scary really
I am Spartacus 
Very interesting! Stuart Garner is a right cunt. Dodgy as fook. He’s even fell out with his own family. He’s going to get. Fucked to many people over - not least the VAT man. Fly boy twat using people’s pension pots. Wanker!  Angry
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
You’ve been researching him then?!

Cunt doesn’t start an accurate description.

He raided the Norton employees pension fund to “gift” £5m to his family.... he’s a narcissist at best.

Scary. HMRC will have him.
(25-02-2020, 07:08 PM)MarkW7 Wrote: Scary. HMRC will have him.

Nope. Folding the company means he probably wont pay them a penny.
I am Spartacus