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Insurance renewal.
Just had my renewal through from Bennets. £530 for both the BMW and CRF. That’s with 6 years N/C. Robbing feckers! I’ve registered my disgust.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Try Bikesure, my multi bike with them (under the MAG Banner) has been quite reasonable, enough for me to renew with them for over 3 years
I am Spartacus 
I’m with Bikesure for my BM.... £120

Cheers boys!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Mine's just come up for renewal, Triumph (Adrian Flux) is cheapest according to the Bike Insurer at £153, not had a renewal from Triumph themselves yet Huh
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Does seem to be a trend that premiums are rocketing just now.

A mate has bought a new ZZR14, and the best quotes are all north of £400.

I know we all moan and gripe about insurance, but.... we’d be fecked these days if a bike were to be a total loss, so I guess it’s all relative!

Came in at about £320 incl Helmet & Leathers and Breakdown, since I've got Triumph Assist till next June I dumped the Breakdown and will look at personal RAC cover when Triumph Assist runs out, that then brought it down to £270, I was going to put it on monthly payments, but they use Premium Credit who are a bunch of cretins Undecided
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
The £153 premium was for the Explorer (older bike).
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
My bike insurance is actually pretty reasonable, it's the cars that are the fuckers.

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