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Cardo Pack Talk Bold
Have been chewing over all the reviews and plumped for this one.

Went with the JBL audio option as I’m getting a bit deaf now...!

Was not a lover of on bike comms as had bad experiences with a manic chatterbox years ago, when you had to hard wire yourself with the other....

Paul got a deal on some cheap Chinese shite ones... which!, turned out to be bloody fantastic for a fiver!! He simply gave a set to me and said to try it...

On the face of it, the Cardo was a huge leap into the unknown.... but a deal breaker on Amazon did it.

Fitting was so easy... unlike the cheap chinky trash... which had a had boom mic. I followed the guides of others on YouTube and fitted the permanent mic.
The speakers on the cheap unit were sooo big, they pushed on your ears.... but Arai’s ain’t known for having ANY spare room to fit headsets.

I’m pleased to say, the fit and finish hasn’t compromised the very comfy Arai... you wouldn’t know a headset was fitted in now.

What is the best feature... you control the Cardo from an app on your iPhone.... Heart 
You can use the unit itself.... but that’s what has always put me off... faff! I hate faffing around!

So then... what’s it like? Well... if you have a set of high end headphones? That’s what it’s like, music quality is as good as it gets....
Pairing with phone, sat Nav, or mates hands free is so easy...

The downside.... the instructions are shite! Go on the website and watch their videos.... much easier.

Nice one Doc.
I am Spartacus 
Still with wires me - can’t be arsed with all that charging up etc
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

Tried it out on the ride for Breakfast on Saturday....finding a far better use for it than possibly it was originally intended.

Normally I catch up with downloads in the car on Saturdays.... now, 3&4G coverage ain’t the best here so I plan my journey where I get coverage.

Set off from home listening to BBC Sounds app.... the mistake I made? I took the noisiest bike! However, the unit is easily capable of pushing copious sound past. 

Anyways.... I often have tunes rolling around my head whilst riding... when I’m very relaxed, I do play music through the brain... Laugh

Halfway there, stopped, took the download off and went to playlists... no more humming and reciting to myself!! Live music to ride to.... bliss.

Yeah I often ride with some tunes, occasionally take a phone call and have never used it as an intercom  Laugh
I am Spartacus 
I keep meaning to go down this route. Gentlemen - we need to talk.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Quite funny really, us humans!

Had tunes on all the way there.... then decided on peace and quiet on way back. Did put the sat Nav on from the phone though.... as we have a few really bad roadworks here just now.... and as it’s live traffic .... it diverted me off the normal route, got home normal time without having the faff of filtering on narrow lanes...