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KTM service.
Took it for its first service yesterday, it’s always an edgy decision for me.....

Booking weeks ahead as the workshops are so busy, who can predict the weather in this country, especially as October was so near!

On looking at the weather in the morning... bright blue skies, checked phone. It said, rain from 2pm.....  oh! It was fecking cold.... winter gear on, set off for Colwyn Bay.

Get in reception, offered coffee etc, then went to sit down and wait 2 bloody hours.... Technician comes over and says my bike is flagged for recall... I ask..... Exactly what’s wrong... turns out some ape forgot to loctite cam cap bolts.... this will add a further hour and a half.

Anyways, by 1pm bike is ready, it did have loctite on the bolts....

Here is the good news! Turns out bike did have to have valve clearances checked, so KTM pick up that part of the bill due to their feck up...

£70 off the bill! So a very reasonable £131.

Every cloud ………. and all that Big Grin
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Do you not do your own servicing Doc
I do on my older bikes...

But the KTM is under warranty and to be fair, it’s a way too complex engine to mess with. Plus it’s now plug and play, so any issues it’s reporting back won’t be found until it would pack up. Also it wouldn’t receive factory updates....

So, it’s a false economy not to take it back to the dealer...


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