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2 Strokes....
The bikes..... not a sexual innuendo.

Those of us who were around, back in the day had the benefit of using these hugely under rated engines...although KTM have brought a fuel injected one into the range...a brave move these days with the tree huggers prophecy of CO2 ...

But, hey! We are of the 80’s...

Recently I had the opportunity to get my hot and sticky’s on a RD350LC ... I had a couple back in the day...
They say, never kiss an old girlfriend...
I’m sure we all remember seeing LC’s on the back wheel, belching out clouds of blue smoke?? Screaming down the road, frightening little children and scaring old women?? Rolleyes 

Well it was 34 years ago I last threw a leg over Elsie...and as they say... memories flood back, but in my case.... I’m sat there on an identical bike to mine but instead of being a wild 20... I’m 54... and setting off I didn’t realise just how torquey these things were....needless to say it wasn’t ridden as one would ride her in the past. Where youth and enthusiasm ruled, now arthritis and rheumatism says you can’t.

I took her for a gentle run and it was a pure case of.... you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone...
Quite emotional....but hugely satisfying when I spied a group ride and overtook them, in a huge cloud of 2 stroke....

Only 2-stroke I’ve had is a Yamaha DT50MX, torquey does not apply  Laugh

Always fancied trying a proper one though
I am Spartacus 
That’s because it was missing another 300cc Rolleyes

It was missing an owner who remembered to put oil in it too - it stopped abruptly
I am Spartacus 
Sunday was the day....

Insured, taxed... and it was a cracking day.

Set off and one thing struck me immediately ..... the saying, Never have sex with the ex....

The eagerness of getting back in the saddle with something that brings back lots of happy times.... then it climaxes all too soon?!... for the record... it’s not me Wink

But it was me.... expecting far too much, too soon! 

It felt awful.... at first. Then I decided to get petrol and check tyre pressures.... and there she was...the LC at its best.

As she cleared her lungs which involved a cloud of blue smoke which would’ve made the Red Arrows proud I was back in the saddle again.

Back in the day, we would’ve gone for a Sunday ride, got home, Sunday lunch.... I got back and went to the meds cabinet.... codeine!

Paying the price for your art Doc
I am Spartacus 
Got to suffer a bit of for your passion. It’s the rules.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.