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VW Transporter.....goes pop!
For weeks the smell of diesel fumes has wafted in the cab occasionally... so, into the belly of the beast it went today.

In VW they diagnosed a split EGR valve and loss of pipe work!

The service receptionist... sorry Doc... parts are on back order!
So... that means a it’s a common issue then?!

No comment Rolleyes

But 50k in 18 months and only that and 3 climate control selectors isn’t bad these days, I suppose.

My real name is Dave 
German engineering?
I am Spartacus 
Polish now.....

So you are still driving it? Laugh
Indeed! Sticky Vicky doesn’t stop for things like that. It’s probably been like that for ages....

I've got a Transporter at the minute - can't say I'm impressed
I am Spartacus 
To me, it’s a Golf, dressed as a van which is only suitable as a florists van.

Doesn’t handle, vague steering.... overbraked and too much power. As a car, it would be fine.

Transit all day long, Mans van.

I would hope a Golf would be better than this.

Agree with handling, steering and over-sharp brakes. Mine is obviously bottom of the food chain as it certainly doesn't have too much power- it's only got 5 gears FFS. It also has an awful resonance noise from the front, it's only done 600 miles so hardly a banged up rental (yet).

I keep trying to rent a Transit Custom, but the 'or similar' caveat has been unkind to me so far.
I am Spartacus 
It chokes me to say it... but the DSG 7 speed is fantastic, with the 150 engine it’s a perfect van...except for all of the above...

Forgot to say.... the seats are appalling, no support.

If you were a hunched over chimpanzee or a Hobbit..... you’d find it perfect!

Can’t beat the good old Transit. They can still hold there own. Still prefer the older ones TBF. I used to have a transporter and have to say, it was fantastic. That was before they merged.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.