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Dash Cam's
Evening Gents,
Asking for a lady friend of mine.
She's just started a new job in the city of Nottingham and is concerned about the volume and speed of traffic, so would like to fit one or maybe two dash/rear facing cameras.

Have any of you guys any experience or can point me in the right direction please.
Know a few peeps with the Nextbase brand - who do them with forward and rear views.
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

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A mate of mine who’s a driving instructor has the NextBase front and rear for his job.

I was sceptical of them until he showed me when he was rear ended by a salesman .... who claimed he carried out an unsafe emergency stop.... utter bollocks, as he was stationary at a roundabout.
Mate sent the recording of front and back to his insurer to prove the other was a lying weasel... turns out he was on the phone, tucked under his shoulder and was messing about with some buttons on the centre console. Case proved.
The other case.... car goes into dealership for a fault.... mechanic lifts bonnet then returns three hours later having never touched the vehicle.
He went to see service manager having paid a big bill.... and found fault still there.... viewed the file.... took a copy with him. Threatened them with Trading Standards. Ford of Alderley Edge...if you are curious.

NextBase are the kiddies to get Tony. Dead easy to use too. Be careful of the cheap Chinese copies though. They are shite mate. Most hight st inter web electrical retailers have them.
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Cheers guys, On the strength of your recommendations, I've been looking at this one

Please excuse my nievity on the subject, but I've never seen one, let alone held one in my hands. 
The advert talks about click and go mount and low profile connection......what's all that about? Do you need to keep plugging it in to a charger somewhere before you use it?

The click and go would be ideal as she could remove it in the evening making it less attractive to thieves, but it really needs to charge whilst in position.

Any help appreciated please guys.
I have also heard good stuff about Nextbase. 

By clicking the ‘learn more’ button next to where it says Click n Go mount on that page I have learnt for you that it is a magnetic mount which you, I mean she, sticks to the window. It has a power cable which will feed to wherever you are getting power from  Laugh  Like you say it’ll make it easier to take out, download the footage and compile a hit list of every fucker who wrongs you on the road  Angel

I have avoided them so far, because I know I will end up doing the hit list bit, but given some of the driving I witness every day I do think it would be good to have the witness for insurance in the event of anything unfortunate. 

I’m not sure the one you’ve listed there is compatible with the rear camera, you need to go one more model up for that:

My advice would be to go to Halfords and have a look, none of us have them and they should have plenty of information, maybe even a school leaver to tell you about them. They currently have an offer on a half price rear camera when bought together. 

Bear in mind that hiding cables when they are fitted can be quite a task to do well. I have heard of the cables interfering with DAB reception so if you have a DAB aerial you should avoid running the cables near it.
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I bought a Nextbase cam off eBay (£60)a it works a treat. Make sure you go for the GPS model.

Best place/position...... Left hand side of rear view mirror. Tuck the cable in the roof liner towards the passenger door then tuck behind the door seal then run behind the passenger footwell carpet and plug in to the Ciggie lighter.  Big Grin

We have one in all of our cars as you'll just never know when it's needed. Especially as evidence as most of you know.

Just my opinion ?
Many thanks for a he advice guys, very much appreciated.
Sounds like the next model up the 322 is the one to go for, cheers guys and thank you for the detailed response Lee...... cheers lads.
Do report back on what you end up doing Tony, and pictures man, we demand pictures of the install!!  Laugh
I am Spartacus 
What Ledwankio said Tony.  Cool
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I'll defo report, back although as she's only a friend, I doubt I'll get involved with the installation of said goods.
Get stuck in Tony, it could be the start of something  Heart
I am Spartacus