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5G ..... anyone?
Seems you luck city dwellers are getting 5G in July.

But here is the question... do we need it? Well... I’d want it, must be a step up from what we have already in terms of faster downloads.

However .... the Huawei link. 

Makes me wonder.... have they put in a back door key? If they have.... it’s already here! However... BT have been busy ripping out all Huawei equipment for months... so... is there some claim in the US stating the possibility the Chinese are upto monkey business?

Me? I think it’s more down to resilience... if the Chinese take the hump and refuse to supply us with spares...then we will be fucked. The digital revolution is all fine... but some idiot forgot to build in back up systems.... Pens, Pencils and Paper....

Seeing as we only got 3G last summer..... I’m not bothering.... load of bollocks if you ask me.

It would be nice if they concentrated on making 4G a bit more widespread and robust before moving on to something else.

I don't really get the China concern - everything electrical that we have has Chinese components in them
I am Spartacus 
5G 6G just a way off selling new stuff I guess, is China spying yep probably are we spying on them yep probably, I think the latest spat is probably a way of stopping them selling in cheap so as to protect our suppliers
Hope not Hate 
I just bought a T-shirt from China. Unusually for me. I just bought and then checked afterwards as to where it’s from. It will fall apart after one wash. Ffs Confused
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I'd rather eat Chinese food than Russian if it came down it  Undecided Big Grin
I’ve just had a flashback to the late 70’s....

Seeing bumper stickers.... I’d rather be Dead than Red.