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Breakdown cover
Struggling to find decently priced breakdown cover this year..

I need to cover the car (10 years old) & bike (23 years old) lots of stipulations on max age..

Any ideas?
Start Rescue
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

I had breakdown cover with Bennett’s insurance policy about 4 years ago and sure enough one day I had to use it.

Now, they accepted the then 30 year old GPz on their policy which covered it for breakdowns.

Green Flag covered it and were really good. 

It was a simple fix to which I had no tools for and in half an hour, was on my way.

Was going to suggest a policy cover might be best.
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Greenflag say 16 years or newer on their website. Rang AA up and managed to knock £80 off their renewal price so stuck with them in the end. Didn't expect them to budge even got it cheaper than the previous year and their website.. Worked out only a few quid more than Start Rescue.

Got it through the bank with AA, no restrictions. Full family cover
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