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Team Ineos
So then it’s adios to Team Sky and hello to Ineos...

Sir Brad was claiming it’s a perfect fit for the UK’s richest man to sponsor cyclings’ elite.... master of the understatement there!

But it just goes to show that with a fair wedge... most things are possible.

The raised profile of cycling has raised the UK too I feel, the Tour d’ Yorkshire was quite inspiring to me of what’s possible. Sadly we seem to have every aspiring Wiggins clogging up the roads, bugger!

Have to see where the team goes, and they should do well as their new owner deals in chemicals... hope it’s not related to the drugs industry.... Big Grin

It's not like it was back in the day !! Blood, sweat and tears.... main sponsor ??? Some Ciggie Conglomerate  Laugh

Today's Sponsorship..... Pampers, for the everyday Snowflake  Big Grin
Founder of Ineos is from North Manchester and a very decent iron distance athlete, that said he is one of those tax avoidance punters, not sure any athlete sport haven’t got groups cheating once money is involved, plenty of clean athletes mind the others spoil it for the rest.

I am coming round to think certain country roads would be better left open to those who use them for sport and exercise, if your in a car or motorcycle then weekends should be motor vehicle free, talk of some roads in Yorkshire being open to those not creating pollution and given over to those taking healthier choices 

Not sure ciggie company crowd went in for cycling back in the day that was more European drinks martini and Pernod
Hope not Hate 

Starring the Carry On Crew  Laugh Laugh
Whilst it wasn't sponsored as such, it certainly wasn't frowned upon
Naughty Buffalo.....

They need to learn that cycle paths and lanes are provided for them! The road isn’t a race track you know!

Just think on the unnecessary expense we’ve gone to to provide these facilities....

You do realise Mr Disgusted from Vegas will be along soon!

I remember a few football players who smoked back in the 70’s

LOL Doc I can hear the printer warming, room for all if everyone is sensible and considerate, give and take love not hate that’s my motto
Hope not Hate 
(19-03-2019, 10:10 AM)Panman Chips Wrote: Correction......

Not exactly Marlboro LOL I see Tena for men still support motorcycle racing
Hope not Hate 
I've got a big car, no room for cyclists near me, I dropped down a gear and covered one in a diesel cloud recently, he fucked off after that
Laugh Laugh Laugh
I quite enjoy the craic with them when I’m on the bike... pull along side have a wave, then when they hit a hill keep alongside.... and watch their faces turn blue as they gasp towards a coronary.....

Wave and slowly accelerate just in time so they can’t gat a tow... Laugh

So much hate classic bullied as a child or small ? syndrome here chaps,

It actually cuts both ways I have words with cyclists who also use hate language to describe bikers as obese losers compensating for any real self worth they have to fly around on motorcycles to back fill for inadequacy, I was out last year with a group who were laughing at bikers, do much hate it’s shocking
Hope not Hate