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After 35 years......
The main stand on my GPz has finally succumbed to the dreaded rust.

A small reinforced web has gone crispy, and when putting her on the stand at weekend I heard that sickening tearing....
Luckily I stopped and the stand is still intact... 

Time to borrow a mig and make up some reinforcements....

Still not bad going....

Could have been nasty that Doc, lucky you were prepared
I am Spartacus 
Damm that evil rust worm !!!
My real name is Dave 
That’s good going 35 years - modern bikes rust within 10 years!
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

More of a testament to the love & care you give I imagine Doc
Hope not Hate 
Whipped the stand off today whilst sticking the refurbished suspension link in.... Anyone remember big fuss Kawasaki made of Unitrak back in the 80’s??

Well, 4 new bearings and seals.... it’s amazing! The old girl feels firm and frisky again...

(02-03-2019, 12:20 PM)Badboybez Wrote: That’s good going 35 years - modern bikes rust within 10 years!

Good, it's completely unknown, it is a Kawasaki we're talking about Big Grin
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !

The old girl passed her MOT with all new bearings in the rear suspension....

Having failed in December.... I got the stuff but the days and weeks pass as they do.

Took the link off and thought, Feck it! Took it to Kawasaki for them to press out the old and in with the new...

Put it back together and off she went to her fate.

Now, here is testament to a decent dealer.... they love to see old Kawasaki’s come back.

The tester again asked if he could take her on a ride out, not a problem I said.

Now here is the juice.....

He gets back, 5 lads are there all talking bollocks about the newest and fastest sports bike... of which they have.
They watch the old girl return quite spiritedly and here is a transcript of their comments...

That’s one of them old school 9’s.... fast as feck, back in the day (my ears prick up...)
What’s a B reg? ..... feck knows...
Google it, mate...
84.... feckin original..
Shit... I was 5 then ..... (I spat my coffee out laughing)
They look at me...and ask the obvious...
Yep, it’s mine...
Is it fast? Read about them in Performance Bikes, good back in the day...
It was and it is I replied...
But being around when you were 5.....I was there, back in the day, and the 80’s were far better than the shit we have today....
Drained my coffee and collected my keys...

When going, they made a real fuss of it.... Good to have the craic with the kids.