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First ride of 2019....
With all of this gorgeous sunny weather we are having, I decided to break my duck and take to the road.

Now then... before you all start bleating...! Only went on the back roads for 9’s so quiet that it is ideal for the initial shake down from the winters’ hibernation.

The shame of admitting that the new RS had only covered 216 miles from new even surprised me... so add the 9 today and he has now done 225 miles..... a crime even in my eyes.

But.... what a beautiful day, the daffodils have appeared from no where, the flowering cherries are popping and even the roses are budding with this bizzare warm blast we are getting.

Sadly, yesterday we had the first serious motorcycle accident.... bike v tractor, that never ends well the rider air evac and road closed for hours...

I will be dragging my bikes out in a couple of weeks. I go on call this week, then I’m resting. Recharge my batteries and have some fun on my bikes.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Try recharging the bike battery too.... Wink

Forecast looking good this week
(18-02-2019, 08:38 AM)DrMarten Wrote: Try recharging the bike battery too.... Wink

Good call! Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
225 miles Doc, that poor bike is a victim of circumstance.

If you want some miles adding just let me know...  Wink
I am Spartacus 
Feck Doc I have almost ran further than that this year definitely cycled further
It is a travesty..... the Blue Max had reached 4 figures! Before it went back, but the Red Baron.... will get some more exercise this year....

See where I’m going with the bike tags here??

Disgusting that Doc!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Rich coming from you.....

The man wanting a counsellor for acrophobic motorcycles Angel

How dare you! How very kin dare you.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Had a run out to Matlock yesterday on the bike did about 130 miles, nice weather bit chilly on the way back. Achy afterwards.
I can’t do naff all until I come off call.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Lovely run in the sun on Sunday to Southport to pick up a charity cheque plenty of sunshine only riders out wobbling their way onto the Carolsell
My real name is Dave 
Spot on there Dave....

The amount of weekend warriors Rolleyes wobbling around even made me look an expert!

Indicators left on..... wild overtakes..... the worst? Crashing through roundabouts!

Try doing the speed limit on the coast road and of they blat full revs no space to merge in upsetting the cages just in time for them to be pissed off and block any filter options !!!
My real name is Dave 
Last weekend we had the first bike v tractor fatality.....

They are mighty solid them tractors
My real name is Dave 
It’s a roll of the dice wrong place wrong time, take it easy people
Hope not Hate 

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