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holocaust denial
On the radio today 1 in 20 people don’t believe the holocaust happend WTF 1 in 14 think it’s exaggerated what’s the world come to
Hope not Hate 
Yep, makes me cringe that the yoof of today are the way they are....

But ! How many threads are there on social media that say the Holocaust was fake news anyway? This is where the influence is today....

The yoof are more likely to be educated and informed, especially regards standard school history curriculum (last 20 years at least, studies in the rise of fascism and the Nazis) most anti-Semites and holocaust deniers are buster-blood vessel, middle aged gammonati Rolleyes

There are several, largely American conspiracy theorist groups like Infowars that promote Holocaust denial as fake news, openly and unashamedly.

It was all over FB yesterday, reports from several news sources saying the same, sad state of affairs on Holocaust Remembrance Day Angry
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Gammonati...... Jeez! You crack me up !

Definitely down the Gammon end of the scale, strange mix of left & right wing nut jobs, most 18 to 30 types are on the money it’s the usual suspects who are denying it happened
Hope not Hate 
The level of rising anti semitism is coming from where?

When you look at the state of Israel, it has stood its ground and no one fecks with them.

They have one vision as a people and look after their own.... perhaps thats where our problems stem from...

What your talking about Doc is the state of Israel which can and should be criticised about its treatment of groups within its region and the shocking way in which it has murdered children in heavy handed action.

What you are confusing here is anti Semitic or Zionist groups atacking Jewish people for being Jewish, these are two completely different issues 

The state of Israel is often a cruel and authoritarian power, Jewish people are just people same as Christian Muslim or any other religion 

The holocaust denial crowd are the usual right wing BNP or UKIP crowd who just hate anyone who isn’t like them and left wing groups who support palestine and turn their hate agsinst Jewish people not the state of Israel
Hope not Hate 
Can’t disagree Buff.

I can’t help admire, that since the holocaust, no one has fucked with Israel. They take no shit and everyone knows it.

Whether it is the right way in this wishy washy world I’m none too sure, but as the world is changing back into its old Cold War way, their approach seems to be less aggressive.

2 of my god parents were Jewish, ex refugees from persecution by Nazism...I’ve got it first hand.

Few have taken issue with the Israeli state, but to say nobody has fucked with them is not correct, the illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza strip have led to a few "issues" over the years.

But as Buff said, pure anti-Semitism as displayed by the Nazis in particular (though the whole of Europe was guilty of this to a lesser extent before WW2) cannot be and must not be used to drown out any dissent of the way the Israeli State has behaved regarding Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !