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I am doing a CFT (Combat Fitness Test) end of March for a bit of fun, it’s basically 25kg in a rucksack over a fell race course out on the moor it is against the clock so you will get a wooden spoon if you fail, if I am correct it’s the same thing Oggy & Ray tried for a week and then got a doctors note to say they had a bad back, anyway as Mancriders has such a proud military background and interest anyone fancy joining me, it’s an event ran by Howler they are all ex military and do a lot of the tougher evens certainly the ones have been on.

Any takers
Hope not Hate 
This is something Kevin should take up as a challenge...

I think we should do it as a Mancriders team
Hope not Hate 
I’ll be right beside you.... mentally.

(13-01-2019, 01:20 PM)DrMarten Wrote: I’ll be right beside you.... mentally.

I'll second that.... Maybe on the sidelines with a lovely hot coffee   Big Grin
Isn’t that the one the Paras do?
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Don’t know if it’s a Para training session it’s a group of lads who run hard core events over the moors and fells they are spot on, this is one where you are DNF (Did Not Finish) if you drop behind the back marker, they give you a wooden spoon and you are picked up and taken to the end lol

I like it because it gets you out of your comfort zone you really up your game
Hope not Hate