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Andy Murray
Great sports man and the best tennis player Great Britain has ever seen


Whining jock
Hope not Hate 
Both I think
I am Spartacus 
He was OK for a Scot Laugh

Joking apart, the man has done good, bit of an emotional Queen...

It must’ve hit him hard suddenly getting the hip injury, and to be brutally honest, I know what he’s gone through.... that pain is excruciating and he’s still got on with life.

So... he is a top sportsman.

Miserable cunt
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh

I’m with Bez TBF! Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Winging Scot who is now fecked and will win nowt else
My real name is Dave 
Now saying he’s the greatest British sportsman we’ve ever had!
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

Might need a think about ?? best ever sportsperson I would put 
Seb Coe 
Steve Ovett 
Mo Farah
Chris Hoy
Bradley Wiggins’s 
Paula Radcliffe 
Chrissie Wellington 

All well in front of Andy Murray
Hope not Hate 
(12-01-2019, 11:20 AM)Badboybez Wrote: Now saying he’s the greatest British sportsman we’ve ever had!

Greatest BRITISH sportsman.... feck me! Murray would burst at that, Sturgeon would declare war.

Barry sheen, Lewis Hamilton or even - Steve Davis or Ronnie O’Sullivan. Torvill and Dean. Then you go into the stratosphere of super stardom. Eddie the eagle or Jocky wilson. Just saying!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Out of your selection Kev, definately Bazza, I’ll bet his bio is a good read! Eddie the Eagle, feck me, that man had balls. Not a sporting chance, but his sheer want to participate against all odds... the man is a true Sport.

But darts and snooker.... sorry... that’s not a sport as in a physical strain.

Captain Webb... Nikki Lauda... Red Rum... Mo Farrah... you get the drift?!

What do people consider to be sport good question, I don’t regard the likes of darts or snooker as sport or archery, shooting or golf they are skill based activities but not sport as in individual or team events which require physical training as a core, I don’t regard cars or motorcycle racing in the same league it’s a skill and in many ways it’s more about the vehicle manufacturers than the driver or rider.

Track and field swimming cycling are individual sports tennis and racquet games are sport that and team games like football and rugby
Hope not Hate 

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