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Classic bikes.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Not peeing on your parade....!

I think you need to try one first, before you buy. Recently took the old girl for her MOT...

There’s nothing like 35 year old brakes and suspension mixed with 115hp. Terrifying, literally.

But one you calibrate your brain, it’s good fun....
Illigitimi non carborundum.

I do occasionally find myself looking at things like this what’s the experts view on these two brands I find myself looking for a 1970’s machine but not the usual suspects
When the going gets tough you get tougher 
I think tastes change with age. I tend to like what I like, not what the trends are. I’m currently into 70s Jap. But I’m really into rat bikes. I love the concept of it.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.

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