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Flexitarian Diet
I have started a flexitarian diet so far so good early days yet but it’s been really enjoyable feel good see how it affects training
Hope not Hate 
Go on Buff..... can’t leave it there.

A flexi what diet?
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
It’s quite a simple good plan 80 or 90% plant based food 10 or 20% fish with occasional meat, no or minimal processed food, it’s very Mediterranean so today I had small porridge & berries at breakfast carrot humus walnuts and avocado for lunch and evening meal is mackerel and green salad 

Flexitarian allows a healthy mix and isn’t as ridged as vegan or vegetarian it takes the best out of all nutrition programs simple rules 

No alcohol for me but generally less is more couple of red wines a week at most
Hope not Hate 
Might lower your protein intake that Buff.
(04-01-2019, 12:59 AM)MarkW7 Wrote: Might lower your protein intake that Buff.

Sorry I should have mentioned lots of eggs, nuts seeds & cheese Mark plus occasional white & red meat say once or twice a week, it’s quite a wide range of food but it’s a bit time consuming absolutely minimal processed (cheese & butter yogurt are processed but that’s all) no microwave meals or tins or bread & pastas, I just try and stick to fresh veg salads fruits eggs nuts seeds and fish for the majority 80% of the week ?

Water lots of water 3 or 4 litres a day more if poss I put a slice of lemon in or lime just to add flavour, tea & coffee as well that’s about it no tins of fizz no processed drinks no alcohol 

That should reduce my risk of cancer significantly and eliminate heart disease & stroke also keep my type 2 in remission

They say you are what you eat I am 100% believer in that eating healthy (plus exercise) will improve not just your health but you metal well being your energy put a spring in your step, great way to improve your sex(I appreciate that’s just red tube for some on here but at least you last and get to see the washing machine fixed) 

Give it a try folks remember this isn’t a “diet” it’s a nutrition lifestyle honestly give it 3 months
Hope not Hate 
The time factor in preparation is many people’s failing....

I used to have bagged and prepared salads, it’s only 5 mins to chop and prepare from the vegetable itself.

Similar to what we have, except a proper grilled brekkie every day, yeah I know bacon is processed, but well, err, it's bacon Big Grin

Lunch is supposed to be a salad, I was making them up for a week and putting them in the fridge, problem was that Thursday's and Friday's were going off a bit, especially if you use bagged salad, I'm usually deferring to a butty of some sort, but I'm eating too much bread at the moment, so that may have to go.

Dinner is 75% veg, 25% protein, usually meat based, sometimes fish, again that needs redressing, but rarely any spuds, or pasta/ rice, Napolina and a few others do gluten free pea, or lentil pasta, much better than the standard type.

I've been taking a bottle of water in to work for years, with coffee, milk and water from veg that's enough for me, I doubt my bladder could cope with much more than a litre, or two a day Blush
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Indeed, the bagged salad is only 2-3 days worth of fridge life.

Hence I buy a full lettuce and just cut off what I need, that way I can squeeze it out longer, but ideally, every 2 days it’s a shopping trip on my lunch to get more....

Be thankful we don’t have the same fresh produce they have in the good ol US of A.... friends have said that the fresh food there stays fresh far longer than here.... but I’m sure they use a gas to extend food life....
They are often surprised that our food and there’s which they grow or pick goes off after 3 days as it should....

That's the biggest worry about a Tory/ Trump trade deal, I drink unpasteurised milk from a local farm, it's fine and actually marginally better for you, but in the US they ship it across several states to places like New York (not many local farms there), so if it remains untreated and handled in poor hygiene conditions people are bound to come to harm, same goes for chlorinated chicken, etc, let the bugs grow, then kill them with chemicals, wrong way round.

I believe they wash cut salad leaves in a mild chlorinated water, dry them, then hold them under chilled CO2 before bagging, their bread is full of all sorts of preservatives and our plastic bread in a plastic bag is going the same way.

I might have to go back to making the next day's lunch the night before, so it's cut and stored just overnight.
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
The time issue for healthy nutrition is not the end of the world, fresh produce every few days we are lucky to live out in the sticks a bit with a lot of good local farm shops, big plus for me in reducing waste less plastic less carbon, the US standards on food falls a long way short of the EU we can look forward to heavily chemical laden produce arriving soon at a higher cost having travelled thousands of miles than the stuff we get now from across channel FFS 

Anyway bacon nothing wrong with that plus eggs mushrooms tomatoes spot on great nutrition
Hope not Hate