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Seat re-covers.
Been thinking about this a lot, for both bikes. Docs found a possible solution for the CRF. ABW - do a new seat or send you out some material to do your own re-cover. It’s very expensive though. 

I was wondering, about sourcing a local business that could gel the seats and recover for a fraction of the costs. I’m sure, there was somebody in Stockport that does this kind of work or am I imagining this. 

I’m going to have a word with Gaz at ABW about it. He is a fair guy and does know his onions.
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The seat concepts stuff gets really good feedback from the CRF crowd so I’d consider that. 

Tony Archer in Huddersfield is good at sorting seats out, don’t know of anyone In Stockport though.
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If you go to some Johnny Cum Lately in Stocksport.... it’ll likely be a piece of vinyl cut out from some 80’s suite he’s found on the tip.

Get yourself to ABW.... and don’t forget... your mates need one too Laugh
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