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New bike? Anyone....
The last few weeks been out looking at new bikes, just seeing what’s out there, how much...etc.

Yesterday, looking at Triumph there was a huge pricing gap... if you look at the Bonneville, not a bad bike...offers at only £7k...
Then the Speed Triple... £8k, even the highly sought after Bobber, £11k now. But what polarised things was the prices being asked for their Adventure range of bikes... 800 Tiger £10k 1050 £14 and the 1200 a whopping £18k.

So... make profit on your most wanted and charge realistic prices on the run of the mill stuff?

Yamaha... a brand that is a mish mash of bikes to me... £4895 for a 125?? And surprisingly, they ain’t selling! They had a 2016 model there, unsold... £2995.... and still no bites at it.

The most odd ball is Suzuki.... they’ve brought the SV650 back... a bike with a gorgeous engine, but they’ve made it look like a cheap Chinese copy compared to the original which had a beautiful cast alloy frame...
What is a strange one... the GSX250, it struggles to hit 75mph...and 24hp. Back in 1982 I had a GSX250....but it had balls. Would easily hit 90 sat up with 26hp.... and was 30kg heavier....
As a brand, makes you wonder what Suzuki are doing?
No more GSXR600 or 750.... Hyabusa....all their traditional sellers...
They just seem to want to make VStroms and the Katana....

Not all negativity....

Watch out for changes of direction from

Moto Guzzi....

Prices are a bit erratic, and especially loaded in the Adventure Sector. The prices on the new Versys surprised me, upper spec model at £16k? Nah, if it wasn’t a mega success when under-cutting the likes of BMW then it ain’t going to win in the same price bracket.

I do suspect the lack of confidence in the weakening pound doesn’t help the prices, they are bound to have been pessimistic when factoring conversion rates for next year.

It was disappointing at the show to see some bikes that were just a bit weird or ugly in one aspect of the bike, it’s as if they run out of effort to put some design time in to all the machine.
I am Spartacus 
Been having a nose on what to get next- not a serious look mind.

Nothing floats my boat- and looking at the crazy price tags it’s a thumbs down so will be sticking with the GSA for the foreseeable
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

I’m going to hang on a while longer. See what happens to Brexit etc. I reckon they’ll be deals galore to be had by the end of this year (2019) before pesky pickers point out. It’s still 2018.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Bought this a few weeks ago whilst it was on offer for the 2019 season, just need to get my bike fit sorted pick it up in a couple of weeks
Hope not Hate 
Them Cannondales are the danglies Chris. I have a Cannondale road bike. Light, Robust and we’ll enineered. Mines like a ford escort compared to your RS. Is yours a competition bike Chris? How does your back go on with them bars? It looks a stunning bit of kit.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
They take some getting used to with the aero position, bike is great value full carbon and Di2 electronic group set, once you get on the bars with a skin suit the bike is aero so you can build and hold good speed, on a 60 or 70 mile race you can shave 20 mins off a race time
Hope not Hate 
Wow! You doing some comps next year mate?
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Just the usual stuff going to focus on half iron distance 1.9k swim 90k bike 21k run I have 3 quality race events booked, I will also move up to V60 age group going to see if I can get into top 10%
Hope not Hate 
Unbelievable mate. Got to my hat off to you mate.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
£18k for a new top spec Tex is ridiculous!!! The £10999 I paid for my 1st one was steep!!! So what happy with the £5k cost to go Tex2 to Tex3 but can’t see a similar sensible trade up in 3/ years cost at this rate they will have the price up at £25k for a new one by then !!!
My real name is Dave 
Seems ironic that when I penned this topic there was no intention of buying a new bike, fate can be a cruel bitch...

I’m sat here, itching to get my paws on the new bike, that I never knew existed at the time of writing....

And how many other people who read this are now having that seed of thought sown in the back of their mind?

It is all too easy to be lured into something shiney and new to later regret the purchase as it doesn’t match upto the old steed which you gleefully cut loose weeks or months before.

Yesterday whilst having the usual breakfast and bikes meet, sans bikes! Too bloody cold, salty and can’t be arsed etc...
Two girls came in the shop, had a chat and a test ride, and bingo, 2 Z650 Ninjas sold. Then a Z900 and a Versys 1000..... not bad at all. But considering it’s the 3rd week in January, the most skint time after christmas...
Those of us kindred spirits who have bikes for 30 plus years will remember that it was unheard of to buy a bike at this time.... 
The new models are just around the corner.... or are they? Kawasaki have only gone down the route of mild makeovers and colour changes as their range is strong and selling well.
Suzuki? No one knows what they are upto... more recycled 90s and 00s bikes.... the new Katana is last 3 years GSX1000S, which lines the showrooms still... but the SV650 resurrected from the 90s is doing really well surprisingly.

But... the lure of % interest may well disappear....especially if Brexit kicks in... costs may well rise, but in balance, your used bike may well attract a higher value as the used market may well be a more buoyant area.... who knows?!

Is anyone contemplating a change though?

I think the low upfront payment for finance has a lot to do with more January sales, not exactly something that was on offer all those years ago. Plus people still think they can get a better deal in the Winter months, which I’m not always sure is true. 

Contemplating a change? Going to swap my monkey for a Grom, but then that’ll be me I reckon, I’ll need Steph’s patienceometer to recharge first  Laugh

It’s no wonder you keep buying bikes if you are hanging out at dealerships all the time Doc - I usually try and avoid that temptation unless I’m in the market.
I am Spartacus 
The winter bargain scenario probably does still go on. I was often swayed by the new releases.

Now then.... hanging out at does help in keeping abrest of the market. I noticed that the Z900 value was about to drop like a stone as they haven’t moved many units at all, despite it being a wonderful hooligan tool.

When an opportunity arose, I took it, no money will be coming out of my pocket, quite the opposite, thankfully.

Me? Possibly content with the new one.....! But nothing will get taken out for a ride until the vet sorts out my paw!

I think the new releases can bring sales, of the new and discounted outgoing model, but the previous concept of ‘its cold so less people will be buying so a dealer will be more giving’ is not so true. I’ve chatted to many salesmen who reckon Winter is one of their busy periods.
I am Spartacus 
I was contemplating a change this year but my wife is desperate for Caribbean cruises and cars at the moment. So it'll be a year of test riding a few things and then see what the markets like and what's tickling my quim  Cool Quite like the Victory TBF. Funny how your tastes change with age.   Idea
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Cancel the cruise.... I’ll book a days fishing trip from Rhyl Harbour.... take Bev, it’ll just be like a cruise but without the palm trees....
Pocket the cash and buy a new 1250GSA....

On the subject of a Victory.... you’re close to a damn good thrashing.... Trousers down and a soothing finger .... just like I saw in the housemasters study... not me though!

Laugh Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Did I hear Victory mentioned ??  Sad
Get back in your corner.

You don’t ride motorcycles, you objectify them.....

I noticed at the Raven how you attracted strange men clad in leather, who wouldn’tve looked out of place in the Blue Oyster bar....


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