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2019 is game on.
Too cold !!!  Laugh
lbk Wrote:I could do with a good night out,without the crowds and miver of the Christmas bollocks.

Yeah somewhere we can hear each other whinging would be good
I am Spartacus 
DrMarten Wrote:Err.....

And where are the arrangements then?

Hugh Hefner wouldn’t plan a party this way. Pull your socks up, get your finger out and organise.

Lets do Rhyl - get organising Doc
I am Spartacus 
I had a call from his Highness... King of the Hobbits yesterday, I suggested we do the.... and he said, Brilliant, out of season...perfect! That’ll do... I’ll organise it. Rolleyes

It’s the Hobbit you need to get spurred on...

We better ask Bev if he can come out
I am Spartacus 
He assured me Bev has been told....

I guess we'll see...

I'll need some date options asap btw to increase my chances of availability.
I am Spartacus 
As you can see.... he is invisible.

I’ll post a theme and dates up later.

I am Spartacus 

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