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Public Transport...
From BBC News..... so view with a cynical eye!


Sarah is 92. The only way she can visit her husband, a few miles away, in a home is by relying on a community taxi driven by volunteers.
She lives in Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire where there are no buses due to cuts to local government budgets.
Her story comes as a report by Campaign for Better Transport, reveals ‏ ‏rural transport in a state of crisis.
The county council has said that subsidising passengers was not sustainable.

Now then.... why do we in other parts of the countries... have bus wars??

20 years ago, we had 4 buses a day... now they are every 30 mins and most are empty.

Fabulous service.... coach seats on double deckers, WiFi, air con....and all for £4.80 a day, travel through Cheshire and north Wales....

Oh! TfW have virtually restored nationalisation.... Dodgy

Is it time to renationalise?!
Illigitimi non carborundum.
Not for me despite my snow flake left wing leanings having worked in lots of areas that were public controlled and I can honestly say a more lazy feckless group you couldn’t find.

The answer is to subsidise rural transport London is heavily subsidised spread some around.
When the going gets tough you get tougher 

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