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2019 Germany
Yep, another vote for three off me.
I am Weasel. Hmm, toasty warm hands................. I love my smashing heated grips O'shagnasty.
[Image: 84UXVnH0.jpg]
Looking good like 1 & 3 ..... so my vote goes to no3
My real name is Dave 
You need to concentrate on getting those holidays confirmed Dave or there’ll be no stickers for you  Laugh
I am Spartacus 
Holidays in the bag....... are we there yet?
My real name is Dave 
Getting closer.

Got a mate going to take the last place but he needs to confirm holidays this week too, then I’ll get the ferry booked if he is ok.
I am Spartacus 
My real name is Dave 
Ferry is booked  Cool
I am Spartacus 
Ding dong! Nice one Ledwankio  Cool
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Spledid !!!!
My real name is Dave 

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