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Ford EcoBoost engine issues....
Where do I start with this one?

It all started in a land, far, far away... USA...

In litigation mad America any issue in the car industry gets dealt with a lot more quickly than here in laid back, corporate deniability Blighty.

What am I rambling on about??

Ford identified a major almost catastrophic design failure in the 1.6 4 cylinder petrol EcoBoost engine, the cylinder head was cracking at the least provocation leading to overheating... but the real problem was the human factor..... if! You stopped when the temperature gauge went into the Red and you didn’t ignore the chiming Bong.... the naturally induced stupidity could lead to a fire in the engine bay....

Ford America have taken appropriate action! They downsized the engine to 1.5.... job done.... or so they thought!! The 1.5 is now doing the same... Ford’s solution? Design a new 3 cylinder 1.5....and they can then claim it is progression....

This has come to bite the hard on the ass.... as people are now saying the 4 was flawed..

So.... why the bleating by me?!

Ahem! My Focus has.... yep! You are correct... Remember the almost farcical 9 month wait for a simple Focus? And when I got to the bottom of it..... the excuse was the engine was in short supply???

Well... about 3 weeks ago I received a very pleasant email from Ford, offering a brand new replacement at no cost to me.... considering I’ve not made any approach to Ford.
The downside is, the engine i ordered originally is no longer available, and they are only offering the 1.0 version...

After having had 3 meetings, I have stated that although this is a very generous offer, it is not what I want. We are parting company.... car is going back and the search for another car is on....

The irony is.... my car is running perfectly! C’est la vie....

I’d heard about the fires and they were under presssure to recall - that’s going to cost them a bloody fortune!

A bit shit that the car you waited patiently for, and are now enjoying, has to go back - I’m assuming you’ve been suitably compensated. 

So what car next?
I am Spartacus 
Yes... all the financial side is agreed. As it’s under 12 months old it was fairly simple, people who have 2 and 3 year old ones are being offered modifications to the cooling system. To be fair the 1.5 unit hasn’t sold in big volumes at all.

The search for a replacement has really stressed me believe it or not with time being of the essence. I kept off radar with it as I couldn’t make up my mind what I need.

Here’s what came up.
Seat Leon cupra
Audi A3

Seems going that route would guarantee some reliability.....

I did send out email enquiries to other manufacturers and got some interesting responses.

Order has been placed, so the waiting game has started.

I can imagine it has, I got a bit stressed and frustrated when we were looking, and that was without your time pressure. 

So you’ve placed an order for all 3?  Dodgy
I am Spartacus 

So when are you ordering the A3?
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Do we have to guess? I’m going for the Seat.
I am Spartacus 
I'd go with the seat too..... Audi are not the quality vehicle they once were.
I am Weasel. Hmm, toasty warm hands................. I love my smashing heated grips O'shagnasty.
[Image: 84UXVnH0.jpg]
None of them actually.

The wonder of the interweb and email came to my rescue, like fishing, you cast a net and you’ll never know what you will catch.

Dealers are beyond desperate to sell a car, so, what’s easier? Go trawling into numerous showrooms and waste valuable time, or simply email an inquiry and sit back and wait?

If you are ever in a position to do this, can’t tecommend this approach enough.

So it’s a secret? 

FFS - bored of this now  Confused
I am Spartacus 
FFS! Angel

The inner petrol head in you is emerging.

3 series.

The Skoda Superb was so close.... such an underrated car, but a quality piece of work.

How about the Octavia, VRS are nice
I’ve gone for petrol again Sparks, as I think the days of diesel are numbered.

Looking back on a previous topic, Buff commented on loyalty I had to Ford, and to be fair they have been cooperative ?? May not be the full and correct descriptive. Financially I haven’t got my money back, but have lost only usage and other costs. 

Ford were certainly not upfront prior to delivery and the 9 months it took to build should’ve set off more bells in me than it did... the “production” issues were clearly them trying to solve the problem which they haven’t.

Nice selection VW Polo Gti is a nice car as is the Golf wish I had gone down that road rather than the 3 series now
Hope not Hate 
VRS come in petrol I'm sure
Spot on, it does.

Skoda got knocked off my list as they are charging 5.2% apr.

I will only go for the lowest apr and to be fair to Ford, I always got 0%. I’ve managed to secure a 0% deal on the new one.

Stop been a tight arse and get the V8 Mustang ordered  Laugh
My real name is Dave 
There’s a little red neck in us all Dave, but having had the Focus and it’s fuelling issues I doubt I could keep up with feeding that beast.

(29-10-2018, 12:10 AM)DrMarten Wrote: There’s a little red neck in us all Dave, but having had the Focus and it’s fuelling issues I doubt I could keep up with feeding that beast.

Laugh Laugh ..... ST? that only has a 2L turbo block and so far not heard of that one blowing itself up .... the 2.3L RS ones does sometimes though  Laugh Laugh
My real name is Dave 
The ST is diesel only on the automatic, so with the added cost of diesel, it also uses ad blue. Combine that with several short journeys the DPF would be kicking in too much.