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The Brexit Thread.
You seem a bit confused about what "Democracy" and "Sovereignty" actually mean, they refer to Parliament, not plebs, as in "Parliamentary Sovereignty" and "Democratically elected Government", we never actually lost either, so it's a bit tricky to understand what it is the Daily Mail readers think we're getting back Big Grin

I get how you're lacking understanding of the EU leaders, bottom line is they just can't get their heads round the political divisiveness of the UK and why we haven't fucked off already, if that's what we really want, to say that the EU is undemocratic, is ignorant at best, but a fairly common bullshit statement.

Do you want egg, or pineapple to go with that Laugh
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Told you to I know off with gammon comments, getting sick and fucking tired of it.

This was a light hearted topic, sadly, now it’s not.

Sorry Doc let’s consign the “G” word and file other pork related references which could be considered inappropriate off limits. 

We can get back to our knockabout Brexit chat
Hope not Hate 

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