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Thomas the Tank Engine.
OK, even I concede it’s a slow news day.

However, on reading an article in the I, this appealed to my wry sense of humour....

US toy maker Mattel and the UN... yes, those useless fuckers! Have bastardised a British institution...

Thomas is in for a 21st century makeover. He may not even be a steam engine...won’t be blue...

He’s to be gender neutral, asexual... god knows what. His new friends will be represent all colours and creeds, plus all recognised religions....

Can you imagine what the Fat Controller is in for...

Another childhood institution wrecked.

I think it’s only right. About time they became Gender neutral. I always thought it was very misleading to our younger viewers. My children was always asking me - was Thomas and his friends transgender and was the pleasantly plum dominator.....sorry controller, heterosexual or bisexual. All sorted now.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Didn’t the fat controller change to the thin controller a few years back when really they should have just become the controller  Laugh

Worlds gone fecking mad !
My real name is Dave 

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