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Laugh Laugh Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I ordered one of these

But it wasn't one of those

Probs order one of these in orang-utan (supposed to be better stand out more)

Didn't really want another zip, the Weisse jacket already has a chunky zip and fold over storm flap with velcro and press studs !
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
£36 for a Hi Viz ...
£36 dabs!!! Holy kin moly
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh

The Triumph one is about £50 now and I've worn two out already
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Another observational rambling....from the single male perspective.

Last weekend the washer packed up, the Sulky Mare! She had served well over... more years than she should. Possibly 18? Why female?? To be fair, she’s had a hard life and served faithfully but recently had taken to bouts of moody cantankerousness....occasionally washing incorrectly then refusing to let said wash out. The writing was on the wall.... she’d been bumping and grinding, literally.... not as in a Rap Vid.. Rolleyes

So, she stopped, and time to get the old out and a new fresh one in. So out with the highly strung Italian.... to be absolutely honest, it was an Ariston, pre Hotpoint take over and the brand lost a lot of credibility.... In with another German fair maiden! Gone back to AEG.... what’s funny, gone for one of these silent things... She’s very Germanic, form and function, easy on the eye.... but like all our Teutonic friends.... they are very singly minded, lord knows! I was married to such a fineness product for many years... BUT, go against the grain and you pay, severely! I loaded up the new one and threw in the usual Bold liquid pod.....and after weighing your wash???? Computer definately said Nien! The bloody thing tells you which tray to pour the stuff in.... Yep! Many happy days being nagged to death by a German...

So, after a week of stinking washing piling up, karma has returned to Doc’s surgery...
Doubt you’ll get that longevity out of the new one Doc, I’m sure they build in a 6-year death rate these days.

We’ve got the excitement of a tumble dryer being delivered today - our recent new water cylinder has eaten up the airing cupboard, and it leaks no heat anyway, so drying clothes has become frustrating. Got a Beko one - if they are good enough for Peter Gabriel to sing about then they are good enough for me.
I am Spartacus 
Aeg are now part of the Electrolux, Zannusi stable... Suspect its no longer German.
I am Weasel. Hmm, toasty warm hands................. I love my smashing heated grips O'shagnasty.
[Image: 84UXVnH0.jpg]
You are spot on Dave... nothing appears to be what it should be.

The VW Transporter I got from work, the icon of many, seems to have been shifted to Poland to be created. It is a piece of shit...

Nothing to reflect on Poland at all.... VW seem to have moved production to save in the move, they have reduced quality... the older vans we have are solid, quality built things. These new ones look similar but are cheap in comparison.

And the price is hiked significantly.... and they think we won’t notice.
Same with the Transit vans. The engines are built in Turkey - Turkey ffs! Next they’ll be calling them, Halal engines. My van is nowhere near as good as my old ones. Utter guttles piece of shite!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.