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So here I sit contemplating the purchase of a kettle.....

Why is it so bloody complicated?! Years ago, fill kettle, switch on.... doesn’t get any simpler. Now in the 21st century we have made lives so complex, a mere mortal of above average intelligence can’t make up their mind on what to buy!

The dilemma is this.... got a coffee maker thing.... got one of these instant boiler one shot things.... but neither get to actual boiling point. Enter a kettle.

So far, plastic, metal or glass.... is it a kettle specific for tea? Or water?!! 

Found one that does it all.... select water temp from 70C to 100C and a keep warm facility....

Surely, we had this when you had a copper kettle to use on an open fire 100 years ago.

Life really shouldn’t be this complicated....
Just buy a kettle lad, one that complements the decor of your kitchen.

Me thinks you have too much time on your hands Doc  Laugh
I am Spartacus 
Idve expected far better from you than that Lee!

Previously it’d been to be colour coordinated I’d clashes with my eyes, or it makes my bum look big....

But men like the geeky side of things... I defy ANY man to deny that.... including Kev!
No need to be geeky, just be classy:

[Image: 41W8qip7A0L.jpg]
I am Spartacus 
Laugh Laugh
Here you go, one pot, one cup, one small pan of pasta, one big pan of pasta :

Certainly suits our modern kitchen Big Grin

Just don't look at the price tag Confused
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
I can see the appeal of that hot tap Dilbert...

But knowing me! I’d put my hand under it to test the temperature.

Having consulted with my daughter... Rolleyes seems she has inherited her mother’s OCD and it’s just down to colours and aesthetics.

The hot tap may well make an appearance in the new house along with a dishwasher Angel, ie not a new wife, but one that actually works, and doesn’t argue that there’s only one way to do the washing up... And a multi-fuel stove....
We have a Zip tap at work, that's just a flip lever, no detent pin, Darwin was right, a lot of burnt hands Big Grin

My daughter has inherited both our OCD's, fortunately she also inherited man shopping from me Wink

She who cooks shall not wash up ...................... He who cooks can just shut up and get on with it Confused
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
(29-08-2018, 11:45 AM)Ledwardio Wrote: No need to be geeky, just be classy:

[Image: 41W8qip7A0L.jpg]

Bad choice that Lee, too hard to fill up & got too hot on the exterior.
Are you saying what I think you’re saying Sparky??

That it’s not suitable for old people??

Got to agree, not a good idea for old people....and as I don’t do gas, or worse, stick it on an open fire to boil it.....
Yeah, definitely not good for you Doc. Just saying!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
[img]<a href=[/img][Image: tEMTFGJX_t.png]" />

Watched the video for this.... it’s for old feckers, like me!

Audible alert for when it boils...
None slip, soft grip handle....
Easy open lid....

This is the one for me!
Good call!!!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
You are taking the piss, right?!
Audible alert not much good if you're Mutt and Jeff,  just sayin'
Good point.

Knowing how short lived today’s electrical items are..... I wonder what would fail first? Hearing or that....