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Is anyone bothering?!
Even I have canned the mid weekers, the hassle of getting the bike out, getting changed and rolling has become an unnecessary faff..... Or has it? 

When I got the last bout of back trouble, pain v pleasure said enough.... but I was ordered to get back in the saddle and make the effort.

It’s only 20 mins, then a 5 minute walk to the rather excellent friery, then back to the beach to scoff the lot, talk shit, relax watching the Crabbers and Fisherfolk Land their various catches..... then a 20 minute run home.

Sure, we’ve have a summer of summers.... but it makes need to put photos all know what it’s been like, try it before it’s too late. 

By doing this, sleep quality has improved... Rolleyes and the Let’s do it Next Week has become infectious. Sure, if it were an hour in the saddle, it would be too much.... but it just gets you and the bike out....

couldn't agree more better than sinking into the sofa I enjoy these evenings whilst we have some day light and a warm breeze make the most
Hope not Hate 
Anything that gets you active is a winner in my book, plenty of time in the winter to get re-acquainted with the sofa.
Nope 1200 miles a week in the van means the last thing I wanna be sat on is the bike during the week

Grump over
will ride for food............belfast  for brekky or ypres for a wafel - oh yes
Fair point!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
There are weeks I wish I only did 1200 miles. But they are done on very quiet roads to be fair!

I commute by bike, it's only a 40 mile round trip each day, but it's enough to get my fix for the day, don't generally get home till 6:30pm and the wife a little after, by the time I've made dinner and sat down for a couple of hours it's bedtime, rinse and repeat.

even trying to work up the enthusiasm to go out on a weekend is hard work, cutting down on the late nights and booze is more beneficial for me Blush
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
(15-08-2018, 12:56 PM)Dilbert Wrote: even trying to work up the enthusiasm to go out on a weekend is hard work, cutting down on the late nights and booze is more beneficial for me Blush

That’s partly why I’m not too fussed about commuting on the bike, it doesn’t save me a lot of time due to where and when I work and I remember that it used to stifle the need for a pleasure ride. That said I’m on it tomorrow cos I need to pop into Leeds to pick up some expenso-specs, and then there’s Compo’s of course.
I am Spartacus 
I’ve seriously lost my appetite for all things biking. Had a feckin awful 19months of pure shite! However! I’ve decided, somehow - I’ve got to wipe my mouth, get rid of the cabin fever and get on my bike. It’s all just a huge effort for me at the moment, but I shall overcome and get back to what I love. It’s that bad, that I’ve seriously considered - registering an official disgust on myself. Now that’s bad.  Laugh  I have control - standby standby.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Look at me.... taken ages for me to get back into the swing of things. The longer you leave it, always becomes an insurmountable obstacle and I can see why people buy bikes with the best of intentions, then sell them a year or two down the line with say 800 miles on them...

I think quite a few of us have lost the mojo a bit recently, despite a good biking spell actually being some good medicine. Remember never to empty the garage of bikes though, that is hard to come back from.
I am Spartacus 
For me the peak of pulling Bike of the drive was 3 or 4 years ago, when we did that cafe racer challenge, felt like we were out as a group most weeks and people were posting up rides, weekends and evenings 

Life has a habit of getting in the way certain things are outside our control, what I find helps get me out is planning ahead get something organised a few weeks off.

Lee is right about getting rid of bikes once you are cleaned out getting back is hard work
Hope not Hate 
Spot on lads. I’d never leave it nor empty my garage. It’s just making yourself do it sometimes.  Your right Chris, Bezly and I - need to crack on and get the Nordic gig planned and crack on. 

Uncle Seth is organising a Spain gig next year too. So they’ll be a couple of options to go at. We all have lost our way a little bit recently, as we’ve all had a lot on. I do think it’s time to so start the MancRider machine up - and get back to what we do best. 

I will have a chat with the chaps tonight at Compos and see if we can jump start a few things. Even Sparky has got a bike now, things are looking up.  Cool
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.