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Cancer it’s a total [email protected]# t
Monday saw me rearranging my planned 3 day bike trip and squeezing it to two days because yet again cancer played it’s cunty hand! The chap who gave me a chance and 1st proper break in my chosen trade was set to rest aged only 52! Four years ago he got a brain tumour had an op and the all clear then not long back it returned with vengeance...... 10 more procedures and various treatments but it won in the end ! The twatty C took my mam at the same age & my dad at 70 ... it’s having a pop at my mid 30s cousin just now too ..... it really fucks me off as an illness !!!!  Angry Angry Angry
My real name is Dave 
Gutted for you mate, sorry to hear that. One day - we’ll crack a cure for it.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Sad news Sad
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In Madness You Dwell

An evil condition if ever there was
I am Weasel. Hmm, toasty warm hands................. I love my smashing heated grips O'shagnasty.
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Sorry to hear that I lost my cousin last year to the evil fucker
Hope not Hate 
No words Dave.... been there several times now.

Keep your pecker up.

Sympathies Dave, I've lost several aunties and uncles to it, my dad to lung cancer and father-in-law to Prostate Cancer late 2016, mind you he was two weeks short of 96 years old, so not a bad stint. Also at least three guys at work who have lost their wives mid forties-fifties.

On the upside there are now more people surviving than not, so at least it's turned that corner and going in the right direction.
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Cheers... Just required a rant about the twatty C ... it affects so many but as D says it’s cures are improving and survivals are getting better all the time
My real name is Dave 
It’s a terrible illness Dave, I’m as bitter as hell with it, but ..... and I say this from the heart, take your time, sound off as much as you want, I did. Then dust yourself down, pick yourself up.....and here is the bitter sweet kicker... grasp everyday as though it’s your last, enjoy it to the max, as none of us know if or when it can get us.

The Blood Biker mate of mine from Cardiff that I think I've told you about, his wife is a senior nursey at Velindre Cancer Care Hospital Nr Cardiff, she works in the neck and facial reconstruction dept, the things they can do now are amazing.

As Doc, don't be shy, shout it from the rooftops if need be !
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !