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Always the case isn’t it?! A nearly new tyre and pop....

It has to be on the BM too.... I’m past the pre flight mularky, throwing caution to the wind and into the laps of the Gods, I’m now a true Maverick.... Kick them tires (Americanism, see!) and light them fires...

Well you can these days as more often than not “Computer says No” if anything is wrong..... and it did last ride.

You don’t need a dashboard full of Red and Amber warnings to tell you the rear tyre is soft.....

Having located a new roofing nail directly in the centreline. Bollocks!

Researched tyre repair kits, I had previously tried these glue and snotty rubber worm things...messy. And a very good one using a dog bone design from a German company, the name escapes me... but still utilising glue. The price of these kits has soared astronomically.

Then I stumbled across this device...

For a very reasonable £19.64 for the ABS plastic version plus post from

Very simple to use....some effort is required to push through the existing hole, but once through its easy to release. I checked for leaks with soapy water...not a bubble.

Have a read....

That’s bad luck Doc, I’ve managed to escape punctures for a few years now but have previously had to junk a tyre after only a couple of hundred miles. 

That looks a robust tool, I have bought a kit before but not sure it looks as tidy as that - I may have to invest, especially if it gets your seal of approval.
I am Spartacus 
Looks a tidy bit of kit that. Might have to invest in one of them.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Ummm do you think it'll be alright Doc, bit dubious on a bike isn't it only got 2 tyres Laugh
Nothing to worry about....

These days of tyre repairs has advanced from when they fitted a large diameter plug from the outside.... and then they popped.... leading to rapid deflation.

Anyways... I put my faith in this computerised world... the bike is supposed to monitor all this.... just hope the old SquareHeads got it right....

DrMarten Wrote:For a very reasonable £19.64 for the ABS plastic version plus post from

Was that a special offer? I can't see one under £36.50
I am Spartacus 

Several on evilbay 23.99 inc post

Yeah spotted one on Amazon – the black plastic one for £19.60 + £2.79 deliver - from Sportouring, yet they've not listed the plastic one on their site now  Laugh

My concern related to this on the Adventure is the metal spike that is left inside the tyre – I have that pain in the arse inner bladder sealing the spokes. How far in does it go Doc?
I am Spartacus 
Simple answer from me for a change..... I don’t know! But if the blurb is to believed and my first try... the brass tip can be felt stopping as it has finished penetrating the tyre carcass.

Good news...

Tyre holds air, so it’s a thumbs up from me on this piece of kit.

Been for a run to BM Chester on Sunday, air temp was 27-31C, god only knows the temperature of the road surface, so it’s either vulcanised it or it would’ve ejected the repair I’m guessing.