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2 years 6 weeks
We made it 2 years and 6 weeks from the start of the journey as they say "Anything is Possible" 

[Image: gbTWjBfo_o.jpg?download=true]
Hope not Hate 
Well done, that's some going, you're going to have to change your forum name from Buffalo to Gazelle Big Grin
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Well done Chris. Absolute testament to your hard work and focus. 

I hope you are suitably proud?
I am Spartacus 
Bob on fella
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

What's your next target pal
Well done you.

I’m sure we all have ambition to achieve a goal, but you’ve passed it.

The bizarre thing is Chris, I only recognise the Buffalo on the left, if I saw you on the street, I’d walk right past, you’ve changed so much. Again, well done.

Well done canny effort..... I am with you in spirit
My real name is Dave 
Thanks chaps  Heart

That’s my endurance events done maybe 2020 do the full Ironman agin we will see, the training is just to brutal, going to get back to the gym I really enjoy the CrossFit & weights it’s a nice workout, still do club races 5k 10k trail and fell events and I have a couple of half marathon events left this year and 2019 is about beating my marathon and half iron times.

I am doing my coaching badges and have a group I am working with also looking for a neutrtion and sports science course. 

Anything is possible if you believe it will happen
Hope not Hate 
well done chris , keep it up ...
" i'll get my coat... "
(22-08-2018, 09:34 PM)trooper8236 Wrote: well done chris , keep it up ...

Doing my best looking for a new challenge alongside my fitness running & Tri events
Hope not Hate