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A reading from William Dunlop’s funeral today.
Beautifully written. 

Taken from Wendy Shields feed, from today's funeral. Poignant and really sad.

This was read at the service ..... read with a tissue ?

It’s good to see you son
We didn’t expect to meet just yet
But me and your uncle Joey here
Well we never did forget
We rode every race out there with you
We were your angels on the track
For you and for our Micheal
We were the angels at your back
I’m so proud of you son
Proud of you and your brothers too
And I’m glad that we can be here now
At this stage of the journey with you
We will show you round here son
This really is some place
But first we have our duties 
For still there is the race
Come watch with us if you want son
For we have the greatest grandstand 
We’ll watch the racers and guide them
Protecting them if we can
But if it is their time you see
There’s nothing that can be done
So we wait here to welcome them
Just like we’re welcoming you son
We watch over all the racers
We’ll keep close to your brothers
For they need all our love you see
Just like yours, mine and Joeys mothers
For although they understand
That we lived our lives by the pace
They’re the ones left to carry on
The ones left in the race
And it’s going to be a long hard road
Just like it was for you
But still you raced and lived and loved
Just like they have to do. 
So come son and meet the boss up here
It’s never too late to pray
That He will comfort our family
On this and every day.

To the Regiment! I wish I was there.

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