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This subject has been banded around by several of us recently...

I certainly learned a very hard lesson with trying various bar risers and lowering kits.... they are only a temporary solution to a much bigger issue. When the body don’t bend anymore, the flexibility goes...the aches and pains come.... then you make alterations... but all you are doing is convincing yourself that the modifications are working... In reality, the mind convinced the pain receptors to switch off and all feels well.... until more pain arrives.

The bike is totally unsuitable .... 

I look back at hacking in the 14 for the CRF... best move I ever made, I’m sure some people believed I’d lost the plot.... but the odd comment came in, the most striking was, you look very comfortable on that bike!

Your body gets to an age where it demands comfort over pain, relaxation over cramp... some may have put on weight.... and simply are too big to fit on their bike... the list can be endless. 

Since looking for a bike comfortable to me.... biking has no longer become a chore....

The fact is, an adventure bike looks to be THE path to follow. The recipe of the BMW 1200 GS seems to have cracked the case I tried one and found it not to be in the Goldilocks zone for me, but the RS was, sometimes we have to throw the rule book away and start again.

No longer does a bike cause me pain.... but it’s down to me failing physically first. As the best bike is on the job.
Illigitimi non carborundum.
Are you on the strong meds again Doc?  Confused


Some bikes can certainly hurt hurt more than others, and sometimes they are worth it, but when it begins to destroy the enjoyment then its definitely time to change bike.

I think the conclusion from your post is that you are happy with your current brood of 2-wheelers, is that right, or is something still giving you grief?
I am Spartacus 
I’m really happy with them Lee. Yes, med City is the norm again Rolleyes

Having watched a vid on YouTube when a bloke spoke of his having to adjust, bend and generally contort himself to be able to ride it....because only real men, real riders ride sports bikes... that was his honest point of view.. To be fair, I think we’ve all been guilty of such frame of mind until the actual amount of pain takes over the high of riding the bike. Eventually I gave up with the 14 and threw the towel in, it took me longer as I’d had the bike so long, but if you’ve not had one so long, I’d take the hit and off load it.
Illigitimi non carborundum.
Thats good Doc. Whoever you were watching in the video sounds like a bit of a knob, was he a Mancrider?  Laugh
I am Spartacus 
what ever works for you Doc feck them feckers "real men ride sports bikes" my arse, everyone knows real men ride Cycles over big hills for long distances  Laugh
(06-07-2018, 09:38 PM)Buffalo Wrote: what ever works for you Doc feck them feckers "real men ride sports bikes" my arse, everyone knows real men ride Cycles over big hills for long distances  Laugh

Brilliant  Laugh Laugh
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