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Definitely over the border in Cheshire.... I’ve been brave enough to cross the county line.

(25-06-2018, 12:41 PM)Dilbert Wrote:
(22-06-2018, 07:18 PM)lbk Wrote:
(22-06-2018, 03:47 PM)DrMarten Wrote: You live in Cheshire old son....

I know! I just don’t think Dilbert knows, I’m not a Yorkshire twat!

Nah Derbyshire surely, or maybe Tameside, Greater Manchester, a lot of places claim to be Cheshire, we've got much more selective over the years Smile

Here's a picture for Kev

My post code says it's Cheshire. However! I have registered an official " you disgust me" as I'm from the republic of Mancunia. Just clearing things up.  Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Don’t rise to the bait, I can see Dilbert is being a naughty little scamp here...

I remember the argument raging with a certain PanMan, claiming to be born over the river and county line of Cheshire.... as he didn’t want to be classed as a product of the Republic....

The thing is, who cares if you’ve got a posh postcode.... and no scallies on your avenue or boulevard.... life would get boring... but be careful for what you wish for, you could get and aspirational PanMan buying next door.... then Mancunia is right back at ya’. Big Grin

Hang on lets just bring this back to reality Cheshire is the home to the likes of Ellesmere Port which is such a shit hole even scousers disown them, the southern slopes of Runcorn where fathers day is celebrated in Walton Jail and Northwich home to what looks like an ICI experiment gone wrong into genetically modified breeding where potato's pigs and midgets were inter breed, a greater collection of shit holes you would be hard pushed to find.
Hope not Hate 
I'm a Macc Lad, mill town when I was growing up and Labour stronghold, high levels of aspirational Mancs and Scousers (if you can imagine such a thing) increased the scally population and drove house prices up to the level that even those in the upper reaches of Sale and Altrincham claimed to be in Cheshire, the funniest one was when Bramhall was taken into Greater Mancland and Poynton stayed in Cheshire, oh how we laughed.

Ellesmere Port was designed to prepare people for the environmental catastrophe that is the North Wales coastline.

Birkenhead is back in Scouseland where it belongs along with all those pretentious prats in Caldy, etc.

ICI/ Brunner/ Tata was built to frighten local school children, "if you don't pay attention, this is where you'll end up working".

Risley prison was built to discourage border reevers, as was Runcorn.

Halton and Warrington remain separate unitary districts and are used as training grounds for Cheshire Police.

Chester City is a nice place, until you get close to the border, then it all starts going wrong.

Crewe is a mistake by the map drawers, Nantwich is fine, but Crewe, seriously !

The Cat & Fiddle is the last outpost before the barbarians.

Disley is the furthest NE extremity and was only included as somewhere to store rain.

Anything North of the Shit Canal/ Mersey is definitely not Cheshire, again just a ruse to put house prices up.

And that gentlemen is how we do Political Correctness Big Grin
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Brilliant boys - absolutely brilliant  Laugh Laugh Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.