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New helmet.....
I can hear the sniggering at the back...

It was time to change my “cheap poly”, a sub £100 thing I slap on for a quick wiz to the shops etc. But bugger me! Can you find such an item anymore? It seems not, there are £60-80 helmets out there but none you’d stick on your worst enemies head.

Seems the days of low cost-good value are over, profit margins are the thing now. There’s no profit in a sub £100 helmet for dealers these days be them good quality or shite.

So.... wheeler dealering, horse trading or blatant hard faced cheek I got a whopping discount off a brand new Bell Star.

Very very comfy.... as good as Arai.

I like Shark. Good quality lid and fits my tiny head - perfectly. I do have a caberg flip lid too. Not as good as my shark lid though.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I got £80 off a Shoei Hornet in an Easter promotion, the week after Easter, if you don't ask Doc ......... Smile
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
I like my Bell Star, really comfy. Cheapest helmet I’ve got - it’s was free as I won it  Laugh

Though I priced up a tinted visor - iirc I couldn’t find one under £80!
I am Spartacus 
Indeed Lee.... I think that’s how they’ll claw back the discount. I’ve heard rumours that the Transition (easy boys! It’s not what you are thinking by a long chalk....) is circ £100