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Tony the Tiger and the Milky Bar Kid....
Remember these cheesy adverts from the 70’s? Well they are due to be BANNED?!

The powers that be have deemed these characters to be bad, not good, in what seems to be a draconian, nay! Orwellian view, it has been said that the Jolly Green Giant... is one of the good guys. He actively promotes healthy dietary management to children.....

Now then.... back in the 70’s, the thought of a 10’ tall Green Giant who was Jolly.... scared the living shit out of you.
So these food psychologists are trying to reason with kids? A plate full of vegetables would more likely end up in a screaming session, or a high end Princess style fit.
See it from a kids’ point of view.... 7 a day? Go to McDonalds.... Big Mac.. full of Lettuce, Onions, Gerkins, then a portion of Fries.... there’s 4 veggies .... then an apple pie.... that’s 5. They’d come up with 2 more excuses like Crisps and Tomato Ketchup, job done 7 eaten.

Back on track.... there wasn’t the money back in the 70’s to buy junk, Tony’s Frosties would be the main sugar for a kids day....
Milky Bar.... one small bar as a special treat... not a 1 kg block that will be scoffed as quick as lightning.

Parental control!!

I used to hear the word NO so many times....

If the Government want to do something effective, ban sugar beet.... or moreover, the European subsidy to grow the stuff.... so much is put in everyday foods to dispose of it, it’s obscene.

I did reference George Orwell... but the more you look at this potty way of dealing with it, another much darker side comes to mind.... Gene Roddenberry.... his vision of a perfect world has a far more sinister conformist ethic.... where they all work for one vision, and all have to accept it unconditionally.... how far are we to that, having past the Orwellian period.

Food for thought.

Oh.... David Icke rang last night.... really interesting and long conversation.... Laugh
I bet you were wondering how I’d escape that one!!
Illigitimi non carborundum.

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