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Scooters London
Here you go Sparky.

Incredibly sad a child has lost their life, as a society we need to work harder to find a solution.
Hope not Hate 
Does it not start with the parents keeping control?
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

Like I said in my two posts...

It’s a life lost, but he was a shitbag out of control. 

The physical brutality seems to have shocked the country.... but gangs tend to show no mercy.

Sad thing is... there will be hundreds of likeminded ready to step into his place.

Definitely the parents but when they fail we can stand aside and let it all happen again or society can rally round everyone has a part to play 

I am not certain we have any evidence as it stands he was “out of control” what ever that means ? Are we saying a 14 year old riding a moped is punishable by death if so probably everyone on this forum should be killed
Hope not Hate 
The press is a fickle beast.

Having reported a gangland execution, they are now looking to seek an escape route from the negativity which they’ve generated about this story.

Could it be that they are chasing sales in an ever decreasing circle of sales?

Gone are the days of the art of a journalist.... you are at the mercy of public opinion and an interpretation of facts by quite niaeve people who are tasked by sales figures....

I am not certain to be honest what was reported in the hours after the lad was murdered, I know I immediately jumped to the conclusion it was a gang killing, the current information suggests otherwise we will need to wait and see. 

We have large sections of society who are disenfranchised we always have the differences in 2019 as a posed to 1890 or 1930 is social media and it’s impac on society, young lads were killing each other 20 50 100 200 years ago it’s not new our current culture and environment is and it’s making it worse, the only way in which it’s successful been reduced is through a complete end to end program dealing with social hardship through opportunities, education, positive roll models, and ending austerity 

More hate won’t stop the situation it’s only going to make it worse
Hope not Hate 

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