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Scooters London
Working in London over in Canary Wharf this afternoon, on way back to hotel staying on edge of Tower Hamlets it’s a bit rough, walking along and 3 scooters 2 up swam a car, pulling open doors grabbing bags, the car took off knocked one off the other 2 scoots shot after the car, let me tell you this much they are scum but feck scum that can ride they almost had knee down on corners, kids on floor jumped back on scoot and limped off, the odd thing was it was almost business as usual everyone just got on with life

I can see why police don’t chase them probably wouldn’t catch them
 15.July.2018 14hrs 55mins 03seconds 

Fuck, it’s a bit wild down there isn’t it. I know it’s been getting press, I guess that explains why.
I am Spartacus 
I’m not sure pursuing is the answer. For this to end it needs intelligence lead policing, for that the police need more boots on the ground, and the ability to use the law rather than be too cautious of litigation brought on by these gutter snipe legal types.

My first thing if I were Mr Javid.... turn the best PCSO’s into Police Officers, fuck the rest of them off, then actively recruit more police to the level we had 20 years ago.

London has become a very iffy place, knife crime, moped crime, gun crime..... people used to say “It’ll get like New York...” personally, I’d feel safer there.
I’m back on form...

Why not bait a scooter with explosives?

There’s a thought!!

As Johnny Come Lately Swans off on his latest acquisition.... the inevitable happens.

How feckin satisfying would that be?
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I am Spartacus 
feck me did you see that bloke who picked up a London Marathon race number and went over the line collected a medal got 16 weeks FFS he could have mugger the actual runner round the corner on a moped and walked away with a caution
 15.July.2018 14hrs 55mins 03seconds 

Sounds about right ffs!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I think you're making it all up and scaremongering, or that's what that nice Mrs May Lady said to the police commissioners when she laid 20,000 of them off last year Undecided

There will allegedly be an extra 10,000 police + SAS on London's streets on 12-14th July, when the fat tango visits, odd really given that he would obviously sort out any terrorists/ violent protesters with his bare hands Laugh
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !

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