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Royal Wedding.....
(18-05-2018, 05:26 AM)Coolio Wrote: I can see a number of positives to this wedding

A) there's a bunch of overpaid freaks kicking a bag of wind around at Wembley.
B) all the Granny's will be sat in front of the box sobbing!
C) there's going to be loads of garden parties kicking off, meaning all the split arses will be cooking.
D) the boozers will be full of drunken yobs knocking seven bells out of each other.
E) the rozzers will be busy controlling said drunken yobs.

All meaning.....the roads will be quiet!

Spot on Tony Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Thank goodness it’s all over.

I’m glad you lot took this tongue in cheek it was meant, just to see if there was any life left in you.

Saw a bit of bunting on some crazy people’s houses, but no street parties as predicted.

All toned down as she’s a divorcee, if it was a royal and not a commoner then I’m sure we would’ve had all the works launched on us.
I was in Scotland this weekend, they didn't care Laugh
I was in Gloucester (Ross-on-Wye), there were a few flags out and a sign up in Weatherspoon's, no real fuss about it, almost got away without noticing it, but the telly was showing bits of it at the Steel Horse café.
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Was there a wedding?
My real name is Dave 

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