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Smart Meters...
Have any of you had these fitted?

I got the offer yet again and a bit of pressure to accept, but as I asked...just what are the benefits to having them? Obviously I was given the corporate lines...

Naturally I didn’t say I was in the industry as .... I sometimes don’t see the public’s opinion of them in the cold light of day!

I declined. As I like to shop around for the best price and what is more important to me... customer service! Having none smart meters makes this so much easier at present. In the near future new smart meters will allow you to change supplier which won’t involve a meter change as you change supplier....
We have a smart meter fitted to our place but gain no benefit from it for 2 reasons; 
1 the little graphic interface unit was left by the previous owners with a letter from their supplier and meter installer (Powergen iirc) saying not to use it as the power adapter was prone to setting alight and a new adapter will be supplied (which has never turned up) so we can't see the usage an appropriately bollock the person who is wasting it
2 our energy supplier (First Utility) who we were frustratingly tied into still insist I have to send them monthly readings, even though when we moved I specifically asked if they would be taking over responsibility of the smart meter and they said yes.

I think we are an anomoly and I should really get on to Powergen to get a new power adapter, but I don't see any reason not to have one fitted – changing suppliers doesn't involve changing meters, there's never any physical change.
I am Spartacus 
We had one fitted when we moved to our current abode about 4 years ago and also got the safety warning, however since we're still with the same supplier the new one turned up and has been working fine without going on fire.

We still have to have the meter read once a year to confirm it's not sending them the wrong readings though, we're with Eon.
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
Bastards keep pestering me - call after call after call.
Keep telling them to go forth and multiply 

Can’t see the reason to have one anyway.
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In Madness You Dwell

The lazy Bastards can keep coming to read my meter I can’t even be arsed to read the one I have when I get the email “your meter reading is due” it’s on the out fecking side of the house
My real name is Dave 
(14-05-2018, 11:42 AM)Ledwardio Wrote: I think we are an anomoly and I should really get on to Powergen to get a new power adapter, but I don't see any reason not to have one fitted – changing suppliers doesn't involve changing meters, there's never any physical change.

Here’s the bad news....

At present, your supplier First Utility isn’t a meter operator....they will rent the meter off whoever owns it.

Now then the functionality of the smart meter can only be used by the supplier who fitted it as OFGEM at present mind, only allow suppliers to use their own meter operators to fit said meter. This in turn means data integrity.....

If you leave the supplier who fitted the smart, the meter has all configuration deleted and it reverts to a normal meter which requires reading. 
If you want smart functionality.... you will need to appoint a supplier that offers it! And it will require a meter change.

Soon.... this is about to change, it will return to fit and forget. It was decided the old system is unworkable. Whoever fits the meters is no longer a problem, your newly appointed supplier will be able to use the other suppliers meter.....

If you choose a supplier who hasn’t got access to smart systems, basically, you’re buggered. Back to manual reads!
Fair enough I hadn’t realised. When I asked First Utility if they’d be taking over the Smart Meter  and they said Yes would have been an opportunity to mention they wouldn’t use the functionality, but then the customer care aspect is shit so I’m not too surprised. But I’m not bothered really it’s no hardship to read it now and again. 

That is a crazy system - some bright spark must have got a bonus for coming up with that.
I am Spartacus 
Don’t see what’s wrong with physically reading your meter.
Why would I want to see what I’m spending every minute of the day? Be buttons by more jumpers  Big Grin
And why would I want some unscrupulous company knowing when I stick the kettle on etc?
More big brother if you ask me.
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In Madness You Dwell

I think utility companies and the council should be added on the same list of insurance, money grabbers, price increases & nout you can do about it.
Doc, I think the main benefit is that they get to increase the price sooner, when even the slightest increase in consumption occurs, all so you can better budget of course.
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !

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