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VW Customer Service....
Booked van into main dealer to have a service. Albeit not when VW stated it should be done .... 25,000 miles or 2 years.... that’s a pure con to make you think of low servicing costs.

Computer said .... No!

After only 9 months.... computer says OIL SERVICE.

Anyways.... gets there.... Hire Van is there, another VW... from Hertz, and to be fair, it was immaculate.  However.... I did have to point out one basic fact. My van has TWO pedals... not THREE as is in the hire vehicle.

A hilarious telephone conversation took place between VW and Hertz.... basically Hertz tried telling VE they don’t make an auto Transporter....

Got to admit, I normally have a huge hissy princess fit.... but this was funny.

Alas... service cancelled and rebooked.

Parting words.... We hope your experience today hasn’t spoiled your VW ownership.... and would it be possible not to post on social media...!

Of course I won’t....  Angel

As I said, after hearing the topics of conversation within your customer coffee lounge.... I’m guessing I got off lightly.