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Lirpa Chain Lube
Seems that we now have a chain lube manufacturer selling  the product with the older biker in mind

The range has a propellant charged with smells from the biking past, the two which caught my eye, Castrol R and two stroke exhaust smell.... but for some inexplicable reason they have burnt tyre smell and petrol.... all smells that are evocative concoctions from our biking youth.

I see Brut33 is back on the shelves again... somethings from the 70’s, ideally should stay there.

C’est la vie.

More of an old spice man myself.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Nice to see someone saw through the April Fool and had the balls to post...

Ya bunch of fannies Laugh

I thought it was quite feasible  Laugh
I am Spartacus 
The clue was ...... Lirpa, which when reversed... spells April.

Plus there’s bugger all money around to produce such items....

However, post Brexit, when we leave that shower of shit, products like this may actually become allowed and available...

Yeah I saw that. 

You can get two stroke scented stuff like candles so why not...
I am Spartacus 

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