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So.... the cats’ out of the bag eh?!
Laugh  I have no idea what you mean
I am Spartacus 
You little tinker! Laugh
I heard a pristine low mileage BMW would soon enter the used market  Laugh
My real name is Dave 
Sounds to me like Kev is up for a change then?

Rumour has it there were flats starting to appear on his tyres due to lack of use....
Oh that'll disgust him Doc  Laugh

I think the plan was to get a newer GS but by all accounts he was taken with the FJR. We'll just have to see what Bev lets him do  Dodgy  Look, you've made me disgust him now too!
I am Spartacus 
You both have repulsed and disgusted me. 

I’m definitely going to test ride the FJR. I really have fallen in love. It’s appears to be ticking some serious boxes for me. My love of shaft drive is a major driving force in my decision too. I have control, standby standby.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
OK.... you’ve flushed me out.

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: SL0iPXLs_t.jpeg] [Image: An37yHW2_t.jpeg]" />

I was offered a new bike cheaper than an extended warranty, that’s the long and short of it. Not posted anything as it’s still the same thing, nothing radically different....
Beautiful colours.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Winner why wouldn’t you if the deal is of that nature
My real name is Dave 
How many bikes you got now Doc Laugh
beemer slaaaag Big Grin

friend has one of those just done spain and france - not a bad thing
will ride for food............belfast  for brekky or ypres for a wafel - oh yes
Sparky.... 3

Mr Hairnet! That’s Kev who’s a BM tart! 
In truth, the deal was so good, I’d be mad to refuse they threw in so much to clinch the deal.

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