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Manchester bike show 2018 Trafford
It's this weekend in case anyone is interested in supporting our local bike show.

Stands back and waits the grumpy git moaning responses.....
This lot keeps saying it’s shit so I’d expect the same response  Laugh

Not local to me anyway  Wink
I am Spartacus 
That’s harsh.

But there is a modicum of truth that they would be negative and derisory about it.

It’s shit  Laugh
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

It was a tad shit the lasttime I went and I am away so can’t go ... maybe it will have improved  Laugh Laugh
My real name is Dave 
Got invited to the Chester BMW whatever day..... now that was posh. They stated a buffet would be laid on....

A selection of teas and coffee...? Really...!

Handmade cupcakes from some designer luvvy place in Chester.

Strange thing was..... there were only BMWs there Angel

Most bike shows these days are shite as they back fill with traders selling Chinese tat. Major manufacturers used to promo you to death... but that’s only because I’m old and remember when bike shows were the real deal...

Nothing Bikers like more than moaning  Laugh  feck me, i think its because they are usually sponsored by Insurance companies Laugh

They are what they are, i personally enjoy walking past "Club" stands its like a circus freak show sad middle aged saggy individuals with appalling hair missing teeth and tattoos wearing the ubiquitous leather waistcoat slumped in a fold out chair ........................and that's just the women  Laugh

I think Doc 90% of everything on display will be made in China bikes included
Hope not Hate 
I would have gone but I’m not around this weekend.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Did anyone go?

Strange thing is, I’ve not seen or heard of how this event was.

Dunno Doc – certainly no one has came back and said we missed a treat
I am Spartacus 
Got to have been shite!
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.

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