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Eurovision 2018
I’m starting to see why Terry Wogan approached this with both dread and anticlimax. I’ll let you workout your own issues with this event...

Should you wish to vote.... it’s there online... so if the Brit entry is shite.... it’s because you voted.... on the other hand, if you do vote... it’ll be shite in any case.

It would be a wonderful thing.... if we won! A fine farewell to Brussels !

only ever watched it once in the early 70`s never again its fecking grim, we couldn't buy a vote when we were pouring millions into the pockets of third world Europe feck we could be first country to end up with a minus score now were off
Hope not Hate 
I think its a tad unfair to criticise, some people feel that they are part of this event, especially whilst we are in Europe. Therefore, I say everybody has the chance to vote and I for one, value their opinions, without criticism or being intimidated.
For the record, I don't like the idea or concept and wont be voting.
Again, fellow Mancriders, let us be mindful of others on this site, as we always have been
Just Out-Running The Reaper......and I mean Just
Eurovision Doc? FFS  Huh

Just go out, doesn't matter where, just don't contemplate watching shite like that
I am Spartacus 
You know me..... never frightened to approach controversy....!

Bucks Fizz were the pinnacle for me Cheryl got more than her quota of socks filled Heart  they say never meet you heros especially [email protected]@@ heros, wise words she was on the cruise we went on couple of cabins down  Sad very very sad looked very worn out (I probably still would have but we wouldn't have been ripping any dress off)
Hope not Hate 
Laugh Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I don’t think this years entry for the UK will be getting any sick action from any of us.


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