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British Train Service...
In a moment of sheer madness yesterday, I decided to use the train to get to Manchester....

Book online with the app.... perfect. Download your ticket to your phone and off you go. Got to Rhyl and jumped on a nice warm train.... seats to spare.... it was direct to the Bright Lights.

For £30.30 return... it’s cheaper than driving, parking and all the associated shit that goes with driving into the city. Anyways.... feck me! Got off the train and then it began....a true assault on the senses, people... thousand upon thousand of the feckers. Pissed, loud....then the shoppers... 

A few beers later with ex colleagues it was time to repeat the experience, looks for the Chester to the platform and it doesn’t take a genius to work out.... xxxx amount of people won’t get on a train for xxx passengers.

I’m on.... feck the rest! But.... having to stand all the way to Chester is an experience. Animals have better welfare rights than humans... to say it was intimate would be a gross understatement! 
All change at Chester... then I started to worry! 
The train that turned up.... had carriages.... from the early 70’s I’d say... you know... doors YOU have to open! What did shit most people.... the engine was at the back... pushing!
Then the cruncher..... the thing-the engine.... proudly sign written DB Schenker... 

I heard one person ask... Is it dangerous with the driver not seeing where we are going? The thought did cross my mind.

But.... in their defence.... it was one fecking fast ride. To be fair, we all know the railways are more on their arse than at privatisation ..... 
lots of Scouse humour to pass the journey..... until I got to Rhyl without my wallet...
So, that was 2017....
Don't tell me you've had your pocket dipped? Please tell me you've not fell for that one. 

Me and the mighty one ran the gauntlet on the train. It was fookin awful. We was crammed in like cattle. A full bodied Mix of shoppers, piss heads and scum bags. 

A very trying experience to say the least. Then Manchester it's self. Wow! They was all out last night. My brain was constantly scanning for bell ends, thieves and wankers. 

I now know, why we don't go out like that anymore. Rather have a nice meal or a few beers away from the city centre. God there's some scum about. A part from that, we had a great night.  Laugh
I have control - standby standby
It was a cliche about the wallet old chap... you know, take the piss out of the Scousers, before they do you!

The one thing that struck me was the ethnic minority there... there were less white British than other...

Now some would jump on me to say I’m being plain racist... please do, you niaeve fools...

But in this world of globalisation, people from other races and cultures were there to see what it’s all about.
I did notice a stall promoting Islam! One for Jehovahs’ Witnesses... next to each other, I did think with wry irony about the logic behind that bit of logistical planning....

All in all.... it was a throughly horrible place to be, way too overcrowded many, many undesirables about and no police .....

Let me go back to the Valley’s, and be a 6 toed Welsh inbred fuckwit, content in sexually abusing sheep....and if I had a sister.....

Woke up this morning ..... a fight outside. Turf war between the resident crows and the interloping seagulls!
So, that was 2017....
Laugh Laugh
I have control - standby standby
Don’t know why you’re sniggering at the back Muttley....
So, that was 2017....

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