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Welsh National Rally
mate is over from ireland for this


we do 24 places all over ireland but thats can take 6 months not two days Big Grin

did the iba one once where they did 11 locations in england 11 in scotland wales and ireland

apart from only doing min 6 in england - did them all

then they wouldnt class them as separate so flicked them off
will ride for food............belfast  for brekky or ypres for a wafel - oh yes
Bloody weather - I bet it’s great in Wales  Laugh

Took the Blade out for a whizz, actually felt ok - reckon the congestion feels worse when I’m sat at home feeling sorry for myself, who’d have thought!
I am Spartacus 
Indeed, it has been pure blue cloudless skies here in the Principality today...

This was 0627 this morning, woken up by it...

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: 6WO9f9yu_t.jpeg]" />
If it’s like the glue my body produced after my chest infection that turned to cold and chucked in a cough I feel your pain!!! Even nearly 4 weeks on I still have a hint of the cough ..... on the riding front had a cracking up the cat and fiddle then over the tops to Sheffield along of Derwent the North back down Snakes Pass, warm, sunny and reasonable clear roads most of the route and just a splash of Mway To top and tail my 150miles
My real name is Dave 
weather is just fecking brilliant  Heart  you feeling off colour Lee
 15.July.2018 14hrs 55mins 03seconds 

It is Buff but looks like normality will be resumed shortly. 

I am indeed, but not as bad as I’ve been for the last week - reckon I’m slowly shaking it off.
I am Spartacus