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Bloody Bike Forums.....
#1 utter bollox!

The reason.

Battery on RS must be getting low by now... so I had a read of what others do.

If these so called no fuck all, but talk shit are to be believed... If you connect a battery charger, your bike will either self combust, report back to Berlin it’s abuse, or bring on a plague of locusts....

Read manual.....

Remove cover, remove RED cap off post, attach jump leads or charger to post and Neutral battery post, start or charge...

So, that was 2017....
I have said this before a bit controversial I know but you could save a fortune doing up a bike & rider to look like a policeman & police bike but isn't, cant speed or run red lights, answer just use pizza delivery or deliveroo they will get across most city`s quicker at a fraction of the cost, getting Mr Patel`s stool sample from Bradford to Leeds couldn't be more efficient
Courage to start
Strength to endure
Resolve to finish


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