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Bloody Bike Forums.....
#1 utter bollox!

The reason.

Battery on RS must be getting low by now... so I had a read of what others do.

If these so called no fuck all, but talk shit are to be believed... If you connect a battery charger, your bike will either self combust, report back to Berlin it’s abuse, or bring on a plague of locusts....

Read manual.....

Remove cover, remove RED cap off post, attach jump leads or charger to post and Neutral battery post, start or charge...

I have said this before a bit controversial I know but you could save a fortune doing up a bike & rider to look like a policeman & police bike but isn't, cant speed or run red lights, answer just use pizza delivery or deliveroo they will get across most city`s quicker at a fraction of the cost, getting Mr Patel`s stool sample from Bradford to Leeds couldn't be more efficient
April 8th 2018
June 3rd 2018
July 15th 2018

We are getting less intelligent...the more technology takes over.

On the GPz forum a newbie posted a rant about how difficult their experience is to change the headlamp bulb.

OK, you can see it from the forks and headstock....but would need the dexterity and persistence of a chimpanzee to access from there.

Said person claimed to have read the owners manual.... if so...the answer was there.

Anyways.... along comes the most sarcastic and brutal poster.... not me by the way! They simply explain there is an access panel under the fairing...etc.

Me? I simply couldn’t be arsed engaging in the I’m sure that this wanton and needy individual wouldn’t benefit from my reply....

So, we are at a crossroads.... is technology giving help or assisting in the instant self gratification of cant be arsed and let some poor sap do my work for me....

I’m a great believer in the learning process of monkey see, monkey do. As both parties need to communicate rather than become a keyboard warrior....

Fecking bike forums....
I'm old school me. I'm a great believer in working through things using my KISS approach. The simpler you keep things -  the easier it is. 

The same applies to new technologies. There's always a way, it's just find the easiest route to the solution to resolve it. 

In the good old days, your trusty volt meter solved all your electrical problems, nowadays - a diagnostic tool does it for you. Just a simpler way doing things. 

Has technology made our lives easier......yes!
Has technology taken away basic skills from us.....yes!
Has technology turned us into a race of brainless, lazy clueless morons....yes! 

If the plug gets pulled and we have to start again and go back to basics, do we have the ability to learn and start over again.....yes!

The reason we can start over again is.....because they'll always be a little bike forum somewhere with a bunch of feckin nowalls that know everything. Just saying! Cool Laugh
I have control - standby standby
Or a bike garage under the railway arches  Laugh
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell


Laugh Laugh Laugh
(30-03-2018, 12:05 PM)Badboybez Wrote: Or a bike garage under the railway arches  Laugh

You’ve pinged my point Bezly  Laugh Laugh Laugh
I have control - standby standby
Perhaps we should all go to see him on the BM’s.....
What’s the point. He’d only tell us they are shite!
I have control - standby standby
Every point....

His ethos was, across the frame Jap 4, Good, everything else was shite..

But, you may have a valid point.... life is too short for all that.
Bike garages.

your average biker forum is usually quite needy and plenty of victims just attracts that kind of punter, the old key board is a shocking form of communication majority of peeps would be fine in a pub or café over a brew
April 8th 2018
June 3rd 2018
July 15th 2018


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