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Monkey Battery.....
It’s over 12 months old now unbelievably, and the onset of cold mornings... I’ve put the Optimate on it a day before I intend to use it as I’ve been caught out a couple of times with a refusal to start....

No doubt the Datatool alarm is the cause.

But... bugger me! The Optimate is reporting the battery is fecked. 

Strangely.... it fires up perfectly....

The Optimate is at least 17 years old....and has been a little unreliable in the past.... 

Anybody had Optimate issues? Connectors? Fly leads? Or the main unit?

One of my 2 Optimates seem to throw a wobbly now and again and show the red lights of battery doom, yet the battery is fine and the optimate is happy again if it is turned off and on again - don’t know why. 

If your battery hasn’t been left on trickle and has been allowed to go flat for a period of time, which the alarm would certainly do, then perhaps it has taken some damage. Leave it on the optimate and perhaps the conditioning cycle might perk it up?
I am Spartacus 
You could be right.

Checked the battery and it’s got steady voltage, must be the alarm which has its own battery back up. 
The bike battery is only 5.5Ah and I don’t think the Optimate can work out the low capacity and the drain of the alarm.

Thank goodness for Aldi ! £3.99....! For a really high quality battery charger. It took  2 hours to bring the battery to full charge. The Optimate must be goosed.

Optimates are shite Doc. Over engineered nonsense. I've had a couple over the years and have had nothing but problems. Stick to a simple charger, that just charges your battery and doesn't give you a weather report and updates on the stock markets. Use LBK'S kiss approach. - you know it makes sense.  Cool
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Old style optimate for me comes with free need to wiggly the plug to get it to charge ... so,far in 10years of use no fires more dead batteries. .... the SV is still on its OEM never gets ridden bang it on charge now and again and all is good with the her battery world
My real name is Dave 
All cured...

I bought a MotoBatt battery, fitted it and fired up the wee beastie, settled to a perfect idle, which it wasn’t doing before. 

The old battery was evidently on its way out struggling to keep voltage and dipping after starting.

Well worth trying a MotoBatt if your bike is compatible...

I swear by them now Cool
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Was the other battery only 12 months old? Can you disconnect the alarm if you're leaving the bike standing to stop the drain.
The battery is over 18 months old now, and to be fair it is a tiny battery at 5Ah. Honda have even fitted a decompressor on the exhaust cam to take the compression strain off the motors’ induction.
The alternator is marginal too, they changed the headlight to LED from the mk1 Grom so god knows what that was like.
MotoBatt’s are gel and MF which in theory shouldn’t short out and have much better cranking amps and recovery time over the sealed battery.
Bear in mind if it’s not giving full voltage when started, the ECU, fuel pump and injector won’t fully function. 
As for pulling the alarm fuse... yep! But god help my ass if it got stolen and found.... no pay out.

Very unlikely it would get found if stolen it'd get crashed or burnt out I'd suspect pal
Would they not need to prove scrote the Twat who stole it was not the one to have pulled the fuse
My real name is Dave 
You never know with insurers.... they’ve got the idea that anyone who insures with them is going to fleece them...

Thieving bunch of cunts.... they are as trustworthy as bankers or politicians.


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